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Castellana Natsu supervises the pleasuring of one of the Spider Gardens human batteries (male slaves who are the Gardens organic energy source) by latex onnagata Mae while concubine Sasaya looks on in frustrated arousal.


  • NATSU: CASTELLANA & CONCUBINES (2016) Original illustration (ink on plate surface bristol - 11” x 17”) - Unframed.


    All original artwork is mailed flat (unframed) or boxed (framed) via USPS at First Class or Priority rates and insured for full value. International shipments are sent USPS First Class-International. Depending on what country your order is being sent to, there may be limits on the insured value of the shipment. If you have any questions about shipping prior to placing an order, please use the email form in the Contact section of this site and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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