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Private Commissions

Out of the hundreds of original drawings, illustrations, and paintings I've created that are currently in private art collections, many are commissioned pieces. Let me bring your favorite erotic fantasy to life as a custom piece of artwork or immortalize yourself or that special someone in a portrait.

Private Commission Guidelines




I can produce a piece sight unseen or work from your suggestions. Most of my clients will give me a basic idea (a fetish, a situation, a character, another piece of mine that they like) and I'll develop it from there. I reserve the right to use as much or as little of these suggestions as I see fit.


I don't generally do erotic portraits of celebrities or copyrighted characters (other than my own). Inquiries are always welcome but you're probably better off requesting something from the Spider Garden or Tranceptor.


My acceptance of a portrait commission is based entirely on how closely the subject of the portrait physically conforms to the aesthetic established in my existing body of work. I have no interest in doing caricatures. If I accept a portrait commission, several photographs of the subject or any other reference you can provide would be greatly appreciated.




Black and white pieces are drawn in ink on acid-free bristol stock. Color pieces are done in acrylic and ink on illustration board. All are signed, titled, and dated on the reverse side.


Base sizes/prices are as follows:


08 x 10 - b&w $350 - color $500
11 x 14 - b&w $450 - color $650
14 x 17 - b&w $550 - color $800
18 x 24 - b&w $700 - color $1000


I also accept commissions for larger pieces on canvas, wood, leather, fabric/clothing, etc. and site-specific murals. Please contact me for more information.




Prices are adjusted according to how complicated the subject matter is. Diptychs and triptychs are calculated using the sizes and prices above per panel.


All payment is in advance in US funds.


In addition to credit/debit card payments made through PayPal, I also accept the following forms of payment : Cash, cheque (personal or bank), or money order made out to Michael Manning or Z/Xero Image. A bank transfer is also acceptable if you are prepared to pay the transfer fee (usually $25-35 US).


You will receive a hard copy of an invoice for the amount of the artwork and USPS insured shipping along with the original artwork.


Cheque or money order payments should be sent to:


Z/Xero Image
attn: Michael Manning
1250 Long Beach Avenue (#323)
Los Angeles CA 90021




If you are commissioning artwork and want it by a specific date (for example, as a gift for a third party), I am happy to discuss terms and price. Otherwise, pieces will be finished when they are finished.




I normally ship by USPS which currently provides the most affordable domestic and international rates but can provide rates for FedEx or UPS upon request.


When possible, all shipments come with tracking/delivery confirmation and are insured for their full value. Please note that it may not always be possible to insure international shipments for their full value.


International clients must be prepared to pay any additional taxes or fees that may be incurred by importing artwork. Please check with your local postal authority for more information.




Please note that I reserve all rights to reproduce commissioned works in all media and to borrow them for public exhibition. I would only exercise the latter right in the case of a major exhibition/retrospective at a museum or similar venue. I do not borrow pieces from client's private collections for gallery shows.


Please also note that a commissioned work is for private exhibition only and may not be used for commercial purposes or reproduced in any media without my prior approval. Loaning a commissioned work for public exhibition is acceptable so long as I am informed in advance and approve of the venue.


If a commission is sold at a later date, I must be notified in advance of the sale and reserve the right to receive 25% of the total price paid with all rights and responsibilities as above transferred to the new owner.




If you're ready to commission a piece or have a question about something that wasn't covered above, please feel to get in touch with me through the Contact section of this site.

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