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GARDEN INITIATE is a new series of portfolios featuring duo-tone and color illustrations of characters from THE SPIDER GARDEN graphic novel series. Each portfolio spotlights a different character or aspect of life in the Garden, a retro-futuristic environment dedicated to the pursuit of total pleasure.

GARDEN INITIATE 05: TENGU explores the mysterious realm of the Spider Garden worlds inhuman sorcerors. Incalculably ancient and powerful, the equine Tengu once held all of humanity in bondage as their pets and erotic playthings. Centuries later, the once-indomitable creatures dwell in remote isolation ruled by their queen mother, the insatiable Tengu Matriarch. Mankind may have thrown off the yoke of their former masters but the Tengu's lust for human flesh remains unquenched.


  • Each portfolio comes with a full-color slip cover and contains ten individually signed duo-tone (black & red) 11" x 8.5" plates printed on 80 lb. heavy stock (individually signed and suitable for framing) along with background text explaining who the characters are and the stories behind the images.
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