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GARDEN INITIATE is a new series of portfolios featuring duo-tone and color illustrations of characters from THE SPIDER GARDEN graphic novel series. Each portfolio spotlights a different character or aspect of life in the Garden, a retro-futuristic environment dedicated to the pursuit of total pleasure. 

GARDEN INITIATE 01: INITIATION is an introduction to the inhabitants of the Spider Garden and it's hermaphroditic Mastress, Shaalis the Sacred Androgyne. Latex concubines display their charms and submit to the rough attentions of the insatiable inhuman Tengu. Specially augmented maids pose shamelessly for the amusement of their trainers. Human pets strain against the leashes and reins of seductive dominatrixes while Shaalis takes Hir pleasure with slaves of both genders.


  • Each portfolio comes with a full-color slip cover and contains ten individually signed duo-tone (black & red) 11" x 8.5" plates printed on 80 lb. heavy stock (individually signed and suitable for framing) along with background text explaining who the characters are and the stories behind the images.
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