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Book Two of the Tranceptor series

Hyu, the youngest member of a mining team in the industrial wastelands thinks his last hope for a better life has faded away but the sudden arrival of a beautiful and enigmatic young woman in her horsegirl-drawn carriage changes everything. She is a tranceptor, skilled in the martial, mystic, and erotic arts. In the course of her mystery-shrouded mission she will use the the bodies of her pony slaves to initiate the naive Hyu and will match her own considerable charms against those of her fellow tranceptor, the luscious and treacherous Ravanna.

A collaboration with illustrator/tattooist Patrick Conlon,
Tranceptor II: Iron Gauge continues this fast-paced
sexy adventure in a post-cataclysmic world.

The Tranceptor has escaped the trap laid for her at Waystation 56 with the help of local boy Hyu. The fugitives pause for a much-needed rest at a desert oasis where Hyu receives his reward - a sun-drenched erotic encounter with the Tranceptor's buxom horsegirls, Uma and Una. Meanwhile, Raika is forced to negotiate a stand-off between his co-workers and the Tranceptor's former partner-in-crime, the luscious and deadly Ravanna who is eager to be reunited with her well-hung horseboys...

TRANCEPTOR II: IRON GAUGE also includes four pages of character designs and concept sketches reproduced from the original pencil drawings and illustrations.


  • TRANCEPTOR II: IRON GAUGE (2007) 72 B&W pages - color cover - trade paperback - 11.5" x 8" - $9.95 (signed for no additional charge)
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