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ICONS is a new collage series assembled from pieces of original artwork from my graphic novels. When I originally drew The Spider Garden and Hydrophidian I made extensive use of bleeds in the page layouts and would often work right to the edge of the pre-cut sheets of paper I was using. I eventually trimmed the edges of the pages to make them a uniform size with the artwork from the Metal Web books and the resulting collection of image fragments fascinated me so much I that I decided to keep them. Years later, I re-discovered the box of page pieces, started to experiment with laying them in different configurations and the Icons series was born.

Each Icon is a unique creation made from pieces of original Spider Garden and Hydrophidian pages (as well as one unique image fragment that I've created specifically for each piece) bonded to ready-to-hang 7" x 5" x 7/8" wood panels with acrylic varnish. Each piece is signed, dated and titled on the reverse side.

ICON: TOUCH Original Artwork